Prattville's Autauga Creek Inaugural Weekend Paddle
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Inaugural weekend paddle July 20-21-22 on Prattville’s new Autauga Creek Blueway

FRIDAY, July 20 (Daniel Pratt’s Birthday)
4:00 Sign in & set up camp at Canoe Trail Park -
1123 Reuben Rd.
5:00 Take kayaks to Allenville Road
5:30 - 6:30 Easy 2-mile paddle through Cypress
! Swamp to Millpond and back.
7:00 Dinner and Dr. Bob’s Traveling Snake Show!

6:00 Earlybird Paddle from Canoe Trail Park to the
Alabama River and back. 4 miles. (Optional)
8:00 Light breakfast
9:00 Transport kayaks and picnic lunch coolers to
Autauga Creek put-in between City Hall and the
Prattville Creative Arts Center at 342 Chestnut St.
(Local artwork gallery will be open from 10-2.)
9:30 Guided Tour of Downtown Historic Prattville.
11:00 Meet “Daniel Pratt” and learn the secrets of
his creek-powered manufactories
11:30 Prattaugan Museum tour.
12:00 Lunch - on your own. Several dining
establishments are within walking distance.
1:30 Put in at the historic district behind City Hall
3:30 Arrive at Canoe Trail Park campsite. 4 miles.
4:00 Paddle to Alabama River and back. 4 miles.
Or take a shower and nap.
6:00 Cookout and Dutch oven demo
7:00 Campfire music - Bring an instrument and
join in!

8:00 Light breakfast
8:30 Load kayaks for transport shuttle
9:00 Leave for upper Autauga Creek. Vehicles may
be dropped off at Allenville Road if desired.
9:30 Put in behind Prattville Powersports.
12:00 Arrive at Allenville Road access. 5 miles.
Load for trip home and grab lunch downtown, OR
12:30 Arrive at Prattville dam for portage to City
Hall trailhead. Park kayaks on the grass and
choose a nearby restaurant for lunch.
2:00 Float lower Autauga Creek Canoe Trail (again)
to Canoe Trail Park. 4 miles.
4:00 Arrive at Canoe Trail Park.

Special discount for attendees! 10% off for RV and primitive camping:
Gigi Deselms
Kountry Air RV Park & Campground
2133 Hwy 82 West
Prattville, AL 36067


Please RSVP to whether you choose to register on-site or online so we can make a realistic estimate of how many are coming.

Saturday registration will be at 10:00 at the Creative Arts Center. Sunday will be 9:00 at Prattville Powersports. Friday after 4:00 at 1123 Reuben Rd.

Click below to register online if you want to use a credit card. Clicking the button will take you to the registration site. If you prefer not to register online, bring cash or check to the event during the registration times listed above. Costs arrange from one-day paddle for $10 to $22 for the full event.

If you have questions or comments about this event, contact JoAnn Johnson at (334) 595-2023.


Few towns are connected historically like their waterways like Prattville. In the 1830s, industrialist Daniel Pratt saw the power of Autauga Creek as the perfect place to situate his enterprise, the cloth mills that would bear his name. The imposing mills still stand in the center of town after all these years, but they are as idle as the waters of the millpond they impound. Today, it is the industry of The Autauga Creek Improvement Committee (ACIC) who is revitalizing the town’s relationship with the creek. They’ve established a first-class paddling opportunity and plan to establish an outfitter there, too. They contacted us at the Alabama Scenic River Trail a mere eight months for advice on how to start a venue to attract paddlers.

Below: Map of the lower Trail

Our president and veteran paddle Fred Couch has done the lower section: “The dirt banks are fairly steep in some places ranging from 8 feet to 20 feet and the scenery is laden with shrubbery and very, very few houses. There is no problem with water at any time of the year because of many artesian wells upstream above the dam serve the creek year around. It moves steadily and easily, with no rapids, but there are some sandy, shallow places where you might drag. There are several double ninety turns so you have to be attuned to the situation, as ACIC volunteers have removed or moved many logs and trees. They have put very visible mile markers all along and you descend from mile 8 to  mile 2 in 90 to 120 minutes. Mile 2 is a city park at a very grassy and shady place with concrete walled single restrooms, and a few picnic tables. Camping will be permitted at mile 2 and there is ample parking.”

The upper section “is shaded like the main lower section. The section from Prattville Power Sports (put in) to Allenville Road (1 mile upstream of the dam) is 3.8 miles, with two or three narrow swift passages. Comparable to the main section, with some extra woody debris to maneuver around. Like the main trail, there are a couple of places kayaks are likely to drag bottom briefly,” reports ACIC member JoAnn Johnson.
The first weekend event on Autauga Creek will be July 20-21-22 with a Friday night camp at mile 2 campsite, or stay in a motel, or lodging at an RV park about 3 miles away. Details of the paddle such as which stretch will be done on which day are evolving. Visit for up-to-date information.
Also, more information about the amenities and resources along the rail are available from Drew Peterson at Prattville Leisure Services at 334 361 3623. There is no fee for the use of Autauga Creek Blueway.