4-H RiverKids: Alabama’s program is raising tomorrow's paddlers and stewards

The Alabama Scenic River Trail, formed to catalog and guide citizens and tourists to the state’s waters, has developed a statewide school to teach any child in the state of Alabama to safely paddle a kayak at no cost to participating families.

To date, we have purchased, with grants from donors like 4-H Foundation, Alabama Power Foundation, TVA, Legacy Partners in Environmental Education, RC&D Councils of Alabama, enough equipment to train thousands of kids to paddle safely--at no charge--and to be good stewards of the rivers they will inherit. 4-H of Alabama operates the program and provides highly-trailed staff and volunteers to manage and run the program. 

RiverKids has grown from a small project to a statewide 4-H program. To see a location map and a calendar of 4-H RiverKids course, click here.