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Vistas seen from Smith Mountain in Alabama

Float Down and Climb Up at Lake Martin

52 Weekends on the Water
On the Alabama Scenic River Trail, there’s something new to experience every weekend of the year.
Float Down and Climb Up at Lake Martin

Central Alabama

Bodies of Water to Explore

Tallapoosa River, Lake Martin

Best Season


Skill Level

Paddles: 1 – no skill, desire to learn; 2 – moderate, knowledge needed; 3 – advanced, know whats up


6 miles boating down the Tallapoosa River
72 minutes/53.8 miles by car with Google Maps for planned route

Trip Duration

Overnight, Weekend Trip

Recommended Put In & Take Out
Outfitters Nearby
  • Use Float Alabama for paddling trips (by appointment Thursday through Sunday).

Trip Summary

An afternoon paddle down the Tallapoosa River is how this weekend begins. You’ll enjoy the natural beauty of one of the cleanest rivers in Alabama, followed by dinner lakeside at Kowaliga Restaurant. The next day hike to and climb up the Smith Mountain Fire Tower, after which you’ll be thirsty—and ready to listen to music and have lunch at Chuck’s Marina. A swim at Lake Martin Beach is the perfect way to finish off the weekend.

Trail Highlights

Day 1

Day 2

Side Ventures & Optional Activities to Add to Your Trip

Bonus Sightings

Non-Paddler Recommendations

  • There is plenty to do in the Lake Martin area. Be sure to check out the Explore Lake Martin website for the latest events, shopping, and newest attractions!

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