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Share Your Alabama Water Adventures
52 Weekends on the Water
Experience something new every weekend of the year with Alabama Scenic River Trail.
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A Whole Year of Water Activities in Alabama

Alabama is home to some of the most beautiful, exciting, and unique waterways in the country. The itineraries collected in our 52 Weekends on the Water perfectly capture what makes Alabama the ultimate kayaking and canoeing destination!

Each trip is designed to maximize your adventure and inspire you to enjoy our state’s natural splendor at any time of year. We’re hard at work adding new trips to fill out the calendar, so check back frequently for even more suggested itineraries!

Spring Paddling Trips

Alabama’s blooming season makes spring the ideal time to see a whole new side of the state. Watch Cahaba lilies erupt and marvel at the great re-greening of our landscapes.

Summer Paddling Trips

It’s summer vacation in Alabama! Cool down and give the whole family a memorable outdoor experience with help from the ASRT.

Fall Paddling Trips

As the leaves change, so too does the local ecology along our rivers. Find out where to spot the best migratory bird gatherings, when to find peak fall foliage, and more.

Winter Paddling Trips

In Alabama, you don’t have to pack up your paddles in the winter! There’s still plenty to see and do in the breathtaking beauty and serenity of winter on the water.

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