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River Explorers
Sharing water safety with Alabama's youth

Getting Kids Ready for Water

River Explorers first came about in 2013, as River Kids, with help from the National Park Service, Legacy Partners in Environmental Education, the Alabama RC&D Council Association, and the Calhoun County Commission. We had a simple but important goal of introducing the youth of Alabama to the outdoors with an emphasis on water- education, safety, and stewardship through simple dry land activities.

Today, we’ve established a new iteration of that original program by putting together a simple course that teaches kids how to put on a PDF, sit in a kayak, hold a paddle, and often include a throw-bag demonstration. We’re excited to refocus on this initiative with new partners and ideas for engaging Alabama’s youth in water recreation.

A kid putting on a life jacket
A man helping kids get ready in their kayaks

River Explorers at Montgomery Whitewater

Alabama Scenic River Trail has partnered with Montgomery Whitewater to hold River Explorers at many of their festivals and events to hold River Explorers. After the pilot at the 2023 Haystack Festival ASRT has continued to hold the River Explorers workshop at appropriate MWW events ever since.  ASRT offers the River Explorers on land kayaking experience to kids between 6-14 years old. The two experiences are typically offered are a throw bag demonstration, and a basic kayaking skills and PFD series. On average about ten kids participate each time and are awarded a certificate of completion and safety whistle. ASRT looks forward to broadening this program in conjunction with MWW and other affiliates going forward.

People paying with jump ropes in the field

Has your child already attended a River Explorers workshop?

Continue your paddling education by getting out on the water with one of the following groups in your area:

Want your child to feel safer on the water in general?
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