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Official ASRT Campsites
Find a Place to Stop Along Alabama’s Waterways

Everything You Need to Know About our Waterway Campsites in Alabama

A campsite along the Alabama Scenic River Trail provides a safe and convenient place for paddlers to stop in case of an emergency or just to have lunch. These campsites are strategically located along the trail, offering designated areas for paddlers to rest, refuel, and address any unforeseen situations that may arise during their journeys. Official campsites offer different accommodations, ranging from lodging and campgrounds to primitive camping sites. Find all known campsites on the map below. Click on each icon to see the latest information about that particular site. ASRT relies on Alabama Landowners to partner with us to create these campsites. If you’d like to work with ASRT to designate a waterway campsite on your property, contact ASRT Staff using our contact form.

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