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Alabama Scenic River Trail & Paddling FAQs

Our team is dedicated to making paddling more accessible for all! Browse frequently asked questions below, and if you don’t see yours, feel free to contact a member of our team.

In the beginning, the Alabama Scenic River Trail referred to the 650-mile continuous stretch of waterways leading from the Alabama-Georgia state line down to Fort Morgan in Mobile Bay. That trail still exists, and the most experienced paddlers still test their strength and skills along its course.

However, numerous rivers, creeks, and streams have come under the stewardship of the Alabama Scenic River Trail non-profit organization since then. Our goal is to make more of Alabama’s waterways safe and accessible to visitors and residents alike!

Just about any watersport you can think of is available anywhere in the state of Alabama! There are opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing, powerboating, whitewater rafting, parasailing, and so much more. Our campgrounds and parks offer plentiful lodging and other outdoor recreation opportunities when you’re ready to dry off a little.

Our 52 Weekends on the Water program is full of favorite trips and itineraries, and advanced paddlers can use our Paddle Planner to build a trip from scratch!

No, and most people won’t. There are plenty of access points for day trips on any of the rivers, and there are numerous places to spend the night on overnight trips. Some areas of the river have much more access than others, so plan ahead carefully using our Paddle Planner, or choose a recommended trip itinerary from our 52 Weekends on the Water program!

Alabama’s waterways offer something for everyone, from powerboaters to canoeists to kayakers to stand-up paddle boarders to tube floaters! If you need help deciding which type of boat to use on a particular waterway, we recommend finding an approved outfitter in the area to assist you.

Within Alabama’s two biggest river systems—the Tennessee and the Mobile—are numerous others carving paths across the landscape. We have over 77,000 miles of rivers, creeks, and streams, roughly 1,438 of which are navigable. These are also the most ecologically diverse freshwater systems in the country. That’s why our wild and scenic waterways lead the nation in river activities and outdoor recreation opportunities!

Kayaking can be easy with the right training and preparation! We’ve set up a Paddler Safety Guide to help beginners get started kayaking on Alabama’s waters. We also have an extensive list of approved Outfitters & Guides, where you can find kayak lessons and guided tours in your area. Kayaking Alabama’s beautiful waterways is one of the most rewarding ways to spend a weekend—follow us on Facebook or Instagram for even more ideas and tips!

A complete list of everything you might need on a trip depends on you, your experience, and the water system you’re traveling. We highly recommend mapping your journey and knowing where the nearest access points are. That said, here is our list of 10 basic items to bring on any paddling trip!

  • Navigation system (GPS device)
  • Sun protection
  • Life jacket
  • First aid kit
  • Small repair kit
  • Food
  • Hydration
  • Emergency shelter
  • Communication device
  • Rescue throw bag

Yes! The Chattahoochee River is the most famous of our state’s white water areas, but there are also other off-the-path white water streams throughout the state. Visit our Outfitters & Guides page to find a whitewater guide, or visit Alabama Whitewater for more information!

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