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Positive Ripples
Hear what other paddlers have to say about Alabama’s extensive network of waterways and the ASRT’s resources!

Alabama Scenic River Trail Testimonials

Meet ASRT visitors and families and find out what they loved about the waterway they chose!

Big things coming to Gadsden and the Coosa. We support ASRT!

This is a great outdoors project for the region!

The beauty of being in nature and on the water and getting to camp out at various designated spots on this trail! The people that you can meet and so much more of the need for keeping our rivers and creeks and etc cleaned up! Everyone Be Blessed!

Interesting to learn about our state’s natural resources and that we have organized help to enjoy what is here.

Beautiful scenery all along the rivers! People always waves when you pass them! You can kayak , jet ski, go boating, fishing! There is so much to do and enjoy!

The Alabama Scenic River Trail, dedicated to connecting people to the natural beauty of Alabama’s waterways, is an amazing organization with an extremely bright future. As president of ASRT and an avid paddler, I am honored to be a part of the team promoting Alabama’s rivers and streams not only for the citizens of the state but also for the tourists that visit Alabama every year. Through collaboration with communities, businesses, organizations, and dedicated individuals, waterway access is being enhanced to allow easier exploration and enjoyment of the 5300 miles of navigable river trails within the fold of the Alabama Scenic River Trail system.

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