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Mile Marker Program
Kayaker holding Mile Marker 92

Why a Mile Marker Program?

Alabama Scenic River Trail’s (ASRT) Mile Marker Program aims to improve paddler safety in Alabama through consistent waterway signage in high-traffic paddling areas and across waterways throughout the state. Like highway markers, these signs allow paddlers and boaters to have regular reference points as they enjoy the water.

The local community is the driving force behind these projects. Local paddling groups, rescue squads, sheriff’s offices, and community groups apply to ASRT to start the mile marker program in their area. ASRT’s role is to facilitate this process by connecting local stakeholder groups, providing the signage and waypoints, and then promoting the initiative’s success as it progresses. The communities we work with know that by placing these markers, paddlers and outdoor adventurers can tell emergency responders where they are with higher accuracy and feel more confident out on the water.

The Alabama Scenic River Trail (ASRT) partners with Jacksonville State University to ensure that each mile marker has GIS coordinates that standardize the placement and location of each sign. This data is shared with local emergency responders and rescue squads, who can use these GIS points to improve their response time to waterway emergencies and increase community safety for water recreation enthusiasts.

Mile Marker Interest Form

ASRT is here to assist groups looking to add these important resources to their area. To ensure that each community receives proper support through our Mile Marker program we have implemented an application cycle.

We invite organizations interested in participating in the Mile Marker Project to apply below by October 1. You’ll be contacted by an ASRT staff member before the deadline. All applications will be reviewed and then awarded the following Spring based on available ASRT resources.

Let’s work together to make Alabama’s waterways the safest in the nation!

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