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Kayakers setting up camp near a river

Hatchet Creek: Paddle & Camp

52 Weekends on the Water
On the Alabama Scenic River Trail, there’s something new to experience every weekend of the year.
Hatchet Creek: Paddle & Camp


Bodies of Water to Explore

Hatchet Creek

Best Season

Spring. Be sure to check water level (below 450 CFS) – 600 CFS is ideal.

Skill Level

Paddles: 1 – no skill, desire to learn; 2 – moderate, knowledge needed; 3 – advanced, know whats up


24 miles

Trip Duration

Overnight (2 Day)

Recommended Put In & Take Out

Put in: Highway 280 bridge, 33.03596, -86.12289. Pull off road into small field then drive downhill about 500 feet.
Take Out:  Just above Kings Bridge, river right above Coosa County Road #18, 32.9200, -86.2714

Outfitters Nearby

Recommended to bring your own gear.

Trip Summary

This is a wild, clear stream with many rock shoals (mostly between Bass Campsite and Highway 231) that will make for a fun and exciting trip. Enjoy the sights of beautiful Hatchet Creek. With its pleasant welcoming campsites find a spot to set up your camp and watch the sky get darker and the stars get brighter. A breached dam to be cautious of, and less challenging rapids after the old dam, in the last 6.67 miles to Kings Bridge. It also has ASRT Mile Markers every half mile because of its challenges and remoteness. This overnight is for the adventurous so pack yall’s trash and have a blast.

Trail Highlights

Day 1

  • Stop 1: 1.8 miles to Dunham’s Flatrock primitive campsite, 33.01028, -86.14144
  • Stop 2: 1.2 miles to Bass primitive campsite, 32.9955, -86.1444
  • Stop 3: 4.43 miles to U. S. Highway #231, 32.94369, -86.20339
  • Stop 4: 0.33 mile to breached concrete dam – be careful = 32.94637, -86.20833
  • Stop 5: 1.0 mile to Privet Cove primitive campsite 32.939028, -86.219944
  • Take out: 5.34 miles to Kings Bridge take-out. Coosa County Road #18

Side Ventures & Optional Activities to Add to Your Trip

  • For the full Hatchet Creek Canoe Trail from Tour East Alabama click here.

Bonus Sightings

  • “…61 species of fish and 12 species of snails call the creek home, including the federally threatened Tulotoma snail.” -Outdoor Alabama

Non-Paddler Recommendations

No recommendations

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