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a narrow river in a forest

Retreat to the River: Explore the Sepulga River Canoe Trail

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On the Alabama Scenic River Trail, there’s something new to experience every weekend of the year.
Retreat to the River: Explore the Sepulga River Canoe Trail


Bodies of Water to Explore

Sepulga River

Best Season

Spring, Summer

Skill Level

Paddles: 1 – no skill, desire to learn; 2 – moderate, knowledge needed; 3 – advanced, know what’s up


7.5 Mile Paddle

Trip Duration

1 Day

Recommended Put In & Take Out
  • Put-In: Bull Slough Bridge, 31.301137, -86.716743
  • Take Out: Bottle Creek Ramp, 31.261968, -86.786569
    • Bottle creek ramp is at the end of a good dirt road through a quiet riverfront community that begins at the main (only) highway intersection in Brooklyn, near evergreen (mentioned because there is another Brooklyn on the west side of nearby Opp). The road is named river road and leads to a particularly beautiful and swift segment of the Sepulga. This access point is not located on the big bridge that spans over county road 43 that run north and south through Brooklyn. Access can be found by looking around at the intersection of county roads 6 and 42. when arriving at this junction from the south, the road to bull slough ramp is 43 to the left (north) before taking 42 to the right in about a mile. The bottle creek ramp actually on the Sepulga just yards below the mouth of bottle creek. Continue straight at the stop sign at county road 43 and follow river road where there is a dead-end sign. The ramp is at the dead end.
Outfitters Nearby
  • It is recommended that you bring your own boat and equipment for this trip; however, there are outfitters nearby.
  • Cypress Landing and RV Park is only 40 mins from this trip and is located in Dozier, AL on Gantt Lake. They offer many services and are great place to camp for this trip.

Trip Summary

Embark on an unforgettable journey along the Sepulga River Canoe Trail, a serene waterway nestled amidst the lush forests of Evergreen, Alabama. Spring and early Summer are the optimal times for this 7.5-mile paddling adventure, ideal for birdwatchers, anglers, and paddlers alike. Begin your excursion at the Bull Slough Bridge, where you’ll find a convenient concrete canoe put-in ramp and detailed trail map. As you glide along the clear waters, keep your eyes peeled for the abundant wildlife and take advantage of the numerous sandbars for swimming and picnicking. The trail also boasts excellent birdwatching opportunities, being listed on the Piney Woods birding site list. Finally, conclude your journey at the Bottle Creek Ramp, ensuring a smooth takeout to complete your memorable river experience. Don’t forget to check the local rainfall levels beforehand and reach out to our Trail Angel Network for any assistance needed.

The larger Sepulga River Canoe Trail is a scenic waterway located in Evergreen, Alabama, perfect for canoeing and kayaking. The trail is great place to take your family as it has calm waters and several sandbars, making it a great spot for camping, fishing, and picnicking. The trail is surrounded by lush forests, offering a serene experience for nature lovers. With deep water, limestone walls, and a few Class I rapids for fun, Sepulga offers a wilderness kayaking/canoe experience unique to South Alabama.

Water levels can be checked via the USGS gauges. The nearest monitoring station is the McKenzie Station, and its data can be found here: Sepulga River Near Mckenzie AL – USGS Water Data for the Nation. If you need assistance with local recommendations and local paddling knowledge, please reach out to our volunteer Trail Angel Network.

Trail Highlights

Day 1

  • Stop 1: Put in at Bull Slough Bridge, 31.301137, -86.716743
    • Bull Slough Bridge lies across the beautiful Sepulga River in the southeast corner of Conecuh County. This bridge, built in 1924, is 252-feet long and has a pony truss design. It is a part of the Sepulga River Canoe Trail. At one end of the bridge is a sign that contains a detailed map of the canoe trail. Located at this end of the bridge is a concrete canoe put-in ramp. The Bull Slough Bridge is also a put-in for a featured Piney Woods birding site on the Alabama Birding Trails.Bull Slough Bridge is located NE of the community of Brooklyn, AL on Bull Slough Road approximately 1.4 miles east of the intersection of Bull Slough Road and CR-43. Source: Rural SW Alabama
  • Bull Slough Bridge, 31.301137, -86.716743
  • Stop 2: Check out the great birding as this Canoe trail is also on the Piney Woods birding site list. Source: Alabama Birding Trails
  • Stop 3: Take your time and stop to swim at one of this trail’s many sandbars along the way.
  • Stop 5: Takeout at the Bottle Creek Ramp, 31.261968, -86.786569, It can be tricky to find so be sure and read the takeout instructions on the left side of this page.

Side Ventures & Optional Activities to Add to Your Trip

  • Cypress Landing and RV Park is only 40 mins from this trip and is located in Dozier, AL on Gantt Lake. They offer many services and are great place to camp for this trip.

Bonus Sightings

  • The Sepulga River is quite small in width and is more like a creek than a river. Despite its size, this river has some class I rapids, which are easily run in a small Jon boat or canoe. The Sepulga is a fairly clean, clear body of water with a watershed that is over 97% forested, making it one of the best protected river systems in Alabama. Folks out for a scenic day trip of fishing will be equally impressed with the lush greenery lining the banks. The river winds through deeply cut sandstone banks lined with dogwoods, magnolias, and scrub pines mixed with ferns that make for a beautiful river float fishing trip unique to south Alabama. Learn more about the Sepulga River on the Outdoor Alabama website.
  • Angler Tip: Fish species that you may expect to catch here include largemouth bass, Alabama spotted bass, bluegill, warmouth, fliers, and shadow bass. Fish tend to be scrappy and can be caught on light tackle with a variety of small artificial lures such as beetle spins, rooster tails, and curly-tail jigs. Small crawfish and wiggler worms make for excellent live bait used on a small float and very light line.

Non-Paddler Recommendations

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