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A view overlooking the Alabama River and Montgomery Riverwalk complete with riverboat and amphitheater.

Justice and Peace in Montgomery

52 Weekends on the Water
On the Alabama Scenic River Trail, there’s something new to experience every weekend of the year.
Justice and Peace in Montgomery


Bodies of Water to Explore

Alabama River

Best Season


Skill Level

Paddles: 1 – no skill, desire to learn; 2 – moderate, knowledge needed; 3 – advanced, know whats up


3-4 miles walking

Trip Duration

1 Day

Recommended Put In & Take Out

No recommendation

Outfitters Nearby

No recommended outfitters

Trip Summary

Take the day to reflect on where we have been as a nation and how we can do better. This trip will leave you overcome with the realities of our nation and the lasting effects on African Americans. Walk in the footsteps of leaders of the past. See where Rosa Parks caught the bus daily. Walk the vibrant streets of Montgomery and feel the soul that runs through her. A stroll by the Alabama River will show you a waterway that has carried the past and can endure and carry us into the future. Enjoy coffee at Hilltop Public House, or lunch at Mr. B’s or Scott Street Deli. Wherever you find yourself be there and be grateful for it.

Trail Highlights

Day 1

Side Ventures & Optional Activities to Add to Your Trip

Bonus Sightings

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Non-Paddler Recommendations

No recommendations

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