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Black Warrior Discovery: Tuscaloosa’s Riverwalk and Beyond

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Black Warrior Discovery: Tuscaloosa’s Riverwalk and Beyond


Bodies of Water to Explore

Black Warrior River

Best Season


Skill Level

Paddles: 1 – no skill, desire to learn; 2 – moderate, knowledge needed; 3 – advanced, know whats up


4.2 miles of Walking Trail

Trip Duration

1 Day

Recommended Put In & Take Out

No recommendation

Outfitters Nearby

While not necessary for this trip, consider this outfitter for future trips while in town: University of Alabama Outdoor Recreation Gear Rental

Trip Summary

Take a walk on Tuscaloosa’s Riverwalk alongside the Black Warrior River. Signs will guide you about the history of the river and stop by the Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum to learn about the importance of the river in Tuscaloosa’s history. As you walk on the bank you should see egrets, the UA Rowing teams practicing, and be able to enjoy the tugboats from Parker Towing making their way to and from the Oliver Lock & Dam. Notice that the majority of Ttown is on a bluff and that the Northport bank has flood protection berms? These are evidence of the town’s relationship to the Black Warrior waterway.  After that, check out the Paul W. Bryant Museum for your winter sports fix and see the incredible collection of a winning team. Downtown Tuscaloosa offers shops and restaurants and the latest information can be found through Visit Tuscaloosa. Enjoy lunch at Dreamland BBQ over in Northport or a cold brew at Black Warrior Brewing on the strip.

If returning in the warmer months, consider renting a kayak or Canoe from UA Rec Center and asking for recommendations on the best floats.

Trail Highlights

Day 1

Side Ventures & Optional Activities to Add to Your Trip

Bonus Sightings

Non-Paddler Recommendations

For the latest visitor information to Tuscaloosa check out Visit Tuscaloosa!

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