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Family Paddle Adventure on Big Canoe Creek

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On the Alabama Scenic River Trail, there’s something new to experience every weekend of the year.
Family Paddle Adventure on Big Canoe Creek


Bodies of Water to Explore

Big Canoe Creek

Best Season

Spring, Summer, Fall

Skill Level

Paddles: 1 – no skill, desire to learn; 2 – moderate, knowledge needed; 3 – advanced, know what’s up


3 Mile Paddle

Trip Duration

1 Day

Recommended Put In & Take Out
  • Put-In: Big Canoe Creek Kayaking
    • Address: 6545 AL Hwy 23, Springville, AL
      Features: Easy access with a safe place to park your car and shuttle service available.
  • Take-Out: Same location (Big Canoe Creek Kayaking)
    Shuttle service is provided for convenience.
Outfitters Nearby
  • Big Canoe Creek Kayaking
    • Located in Springville, AL
    • Contact: 205-452-9553
    • Offers: Kayak rentals, shuttle service, and family-friendly paddling experiences.

Trip Summary

Experience the natural beauty and ecological richness of Big Canoe Creek in St. Clair County, Alabama. This family-friendly paddling trip offers a gentle 3-mile journey with Big Canoe Creek Kayaking through a vibrant watershed teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Perfect for paddlers of all skill levels, the trip provides an opportunity to explore one of Alabama’s most ecologically significant waterways, home to rare mussel species and the recently rediscovered trispot darter. Enjoy the lush surroundings, rich biodiversity, and peaceful paddling on this memorable day trip.

Trail Highlights

Day 1

  • Stop 1: Put-in at Big Canoe Creek Kayaking, Springville, AL.
  • Stop 2: Paddle a scenic 3 miles through the Big Canoe Creek watershed.
  • Stop 3: Take out at the designated location. The trip duration can vary from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on your paddling speed.

Turn this trip into a multi-day adventure by camping at Big Canoe Creek Kayaking and then hiking at the Big Canoe Creek Nature Preserve which opened in February 2024.

Side Ventures & Optional Activities to Add to Your Trip

  • Big Canoe Creek Nature Preserve
    • Explore 422 acres of Alabama Forever Wild property, perfect for hiking, paddling, horseback riding, bird watching, and mountain biking. The preserve features lush forests, creekside scenery, and diverse wildlife habitat.
    • Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Bonus Sightings

  • Wildlife Highlights:
    • The Big Canoe Creek watershed is home to over fifty fish species, including the endangered trispot darter.
    • Mussels: The creek is notable for its diverse mussel species, including eight federally listed species and the newly identified Canoe Creek clubshell.
    • Read more about the Big Canoe Creek Watershed on the Friends of Big Canoe Creek Website.

Non-Paddler Recommendations

  • Springville is opening a new farmers market in August 2024 so be sure to check out the city website for further details.
  • Big Canoe Creek is only 35 mins from Birmingham and 1.5 hours from Huntsville making it an easy day trip from the bigger cities.

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