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Information about ASRT's efforts on Alabama’s rivers, creeks, and streams.
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A kayaking outfitter in Alabama
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Get on the Water TODAY with an ASRT Outfitter!

Shannon Mo’ikeha-Taylor, ASRT Waterway Program Manager

The diversity of Alabama’s waterways is easy to enjoy with our vast network of outfitters. Alabama Scenic River Trail is lucky to work with 70-plus outfitters in Alabama. Our outfitters can accommodate your needs, from recreational family paddling trips to guided fishing trips, bring-your-own boat shuttle services, or multi-night kayaking trips. With Alabama’s variable topography, waters, and climate, our list of outfitters can help you know when it’s best to get on the water and provide you with the safety and encouragement to feel confident out on the water. Our outfitters primarily offer kayak rental and shuttle services to/from the water. A few of our outfitters offer take-and-float kayaks that you can rent for multi-day trips to take out on your adventures. Most provide a bring-your-own boat shuttle fee: for a small fee, they’ll shuttle you and your boat from your car to the put-in.

In the market for new equipment? Many of our outfitters offer a store that can provide you with the necessary items to aid your trip and souvenirs to remember your day. Several of our outfitters are retailers and can help you purchase your boat and any accompanying accouterments. These retail outfitters offer a full line of boats, paddles, and PFDs to help you get on the water.

With so much diversity in Alabama, particularly when it comes to the weather, we also have many outfitters that are only open seasonally. Our seasonal outfitters typically have opening dates from late March to mid-April. The end of the season isn’t until late September to early October for many, making the outfitter season in Alabama long and profitable for these entrepreneurs. Our outfitters in South Alabama and along the Gulf are primarily open year round as the mild weather can be good for paddling year round. All our outfitters provide unique waterway experiences, and you’ll see some of our specialty outfitters in our listing. For example, did you know that you can scuba dive in Pelham, AL (just south of Birmingham), or that we also list fishing guides?

If it’s a new or familiar stretch of water, let one of our ASRT Outfitters get you and your friends out on the water safely!

We’re always looking for new partners. If you’re an Alabama outfitter who wants to join our ASRT network (Free) and be listed on our website, contact our Waterways Program Manager through our Contact Us page.